Spirituality is about discovering and connecting to the unchanging, steady strengths within yourself. This, in turn, informs how you connect to yourself and the world around you. Some find this connection through religious structure, while others experience this through more organic means such as nature, movement, creative endeavors, and learning.

Spirituality plays an important role as you work through the change process. Taking on chronic patterns and ineffective behaviors can feel overwhelming and impossible, yet learning to approach your life with self-compassion and loving-kindness will give you strength, courage, and perspective to continue your efforts.

Let’s use an analogy of the ocean. The surface of the ocean is chaotic and unpredictable, yet the farther down we go we find stillness, calm, and flow. Life is the same way.

You go through many challenges that toss and turn you (often at dizzying speeds) emotionally, mentally, and physically. It may seem that you have no control over which way the waves take you, and it can be exhausting simply to stay afloat. You also have moments of jubilation and joy and want to ride those waves as long as you can.

Regardless of what life presents, it’s important to identify and cultivate the inner strengths you possess. Partnering with your spiritual nature will give you perspective, an overall picture of why you are choosing to work on meaningful change and what it will take to get there.